The XXXombies Are Live on Amazon!

XXXOMBIES Book 1 - by Pleasurina

My new and racy XXXombies book is up and live on Amazon!

The book description reads:

Kirsten is a mutant. A mutant zombie, or more accurately xxxombie. Unlike the putrid and mindless flesh eaters, she is cursed to seek men instead for white, hot cum. She needs to mate like humans need to eat. In return, the essence of life in men’s ejaculate blesses her with immortality, enhanced beauty, and the power to regenerate. She is not the only one, but they all have to keep their identities secret.

All zombies are not to be trusted or tolerated. An entire Zombie Contagion and Control (ZCC) government agency exists purely to put zombies out. She and her brethren discover horrifically that the agency is more sinister than publicly known. And that knowledge has them being hunted with top priority.

It was a nail-biting night some 12 hours after uploading the file. I could barely sleep, especially after seeing the ASIN number assigned. When will it go live? When can I see its page?

And then, before I knew it, at 9:03pm, Amazon sent me an email telling me the baby has been born.

A few hours later, I had four units sold! OK, two of those I know came from friends (the very few who know what I am writing), but the other two? I have no idea who they are, Including one buyer from the UK! But thank you for buying my book, even though it’s fresh in the market and without any reviews.

These are such exciting times. Beginnings are often full of wonder and anticipation.

I need to build my entire social media universe – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, blog…

I have also completed my author page on Amazon:

Maybe later I’ll publish an excerpt from the book.


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