XXXombies gets “Best Erotica” award and four 5-star reviews on Amazon

I am both humbled and honored for my book XXXombies to be awarded “Best Erotica” in the Indie Author Fan Connect Awards! Much thanks to a reader Tom J Leeland Jr for nominating me. I hadn’t expected to win, because my book is so new.

But I’m encouraged by the comments I have gotten.

“This isn’t porn. Your book has so much more in it than great sex.”


“Your imagination is bottomless…”

“I love the delicious sex scenes, so vibrant, so descriptive….taste, texture and feeling. You are a descriptive writer.”

“I love the strong independent female lead…”

And yesterday I received my fourth review on Amazon. All four have been five stars so far, so fingers crossed for this to continue.


I don’t know who has bought my book, but if you are one of them, I would be so grateful if you could post a review. I would love to hear what you think, even if you don’t quite like aspects of my book! Feedback can only help me improve, or maybe understand a little better the wide and varied world out there. Thanks!


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